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Brelades is an independent practice and our aim is to provide the best possible health care for your pet in a pleasant and friendly environment. We are committed to keeping abreast of the latest developments in modern veterinary practice – providing high-quality treatment at sensible prices.

We employ a highly skilled team of certificate holder vets and nurses. We have GDP mentors and a new graduate vet training program. Our qualified nurses provide onsite training as well as a variety of nurse clinics for our clients.

Facilities at our Dorking branch

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We offer 15 minute consultations with our vets at both our branches.

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A daily delivery ensures that we stock a large and ever-changing supply of medicines to meet the needs of our patients.

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Health Care

We also carry a wide range of pet healthcare products such as flea/worm treatment, shampoos and a range of quality and prescription diets. Our friendly knowledgeable staff are always there to help and advise.

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We have extensive dental equipment including dental xrays.

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In-house Laboratory

We are able to run our own in-house blood and urine samples, as well as some cytology samples where results are available daily.

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We have our own digital X-ray, ultrasound, flexible and rigid endoscope facilities, blood pressure monitoring and much more.

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We have a modern equipped theatre including laparoscopic (keyhole) equipment.

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Brelades Health Club

Spread the cost of routine treatments with additional discounts. Learn more

Nurse Clinics

Our team of qualified veterinary nurses offer a range of clinics for your pets:

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8+ clinics for elderly pet check ups

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Weight clinics for those that need to lose (or gain) a few pounds!

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Puppy and kitten checks to see how they are growing up (and for cuddles!)

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Repeat injections (such as librela / solensia / cytopoint etc)

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Diabetic checks

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Re-bandaging and wound management clinics

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Nail clipping and de-matting

Contact your local branch to arrange an appointment

Operations & procedures

All our operations and procedures are carried out at our Dorking Surgery.
Our operating theatre is fully equipped with the latest technology and patient monitoring devices. The use of modern anaesthetics, drugs and equipment makes operating a very safe procedure in our hands.
Pre-operation examinations are routinely carried out and pre-operation blood tests are normally recommended to ensure the safety of the patient under anaesthetic. The patient is fully monitored by a nurse throughout the operation and during recovery.

We offer a range of surgical procedures from routine neutering, including laparoscopic spays and exotic neutering to brachycephalic soft palate surgery. We provide a pre-operative information sheet to help get your pet ready for their surgery as well as discharge instructions to help with post-operative care. All our surgical cases receive 2 free post-operation checks to ensure they are healing well.


ISFM Certified Cat Friendly Clinic 

We are a cat friendly clinic. This means we understand the unique needs and stressors of cats, along with having the correct equipment and knowledge to treatment them appropriately. Plus we love them!

Learn more on the Cat Friendly Clinic website

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Exotics (small furries, reptiles and birds)

At Brelades we are happy to see all pets of different shapes and sizes! We have vets and nurses that have experience and a keen interest in the treatment and care of exotic pets.

We can provide advice on husbandry and nutrition as well as medical care.

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Fear Free Visits

Our team is passionate about providing the best care for your pet while they are in our care. We understand that it can be very stressful and know how important it is to support both you and your pet during this time. If your pet is nervous when they come to the vets please let us know and we can discuss ways to help.

We have calming medications and natural remedies for example. Our staff are experienced in organising and making arrangements to help your pet get the procedure they need in the calmest, most stress-free way possible. This is very important to us at Brelades.

Please see our Pet information sheets or contact us for more information.

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Laparoscopic Surgery

We offer various laparoscopic procedures including bitch spays. These are ‘keyhole’ procedures meaning we make small incisions only to pass a small camera and probe into the abdomen to perform the procedures.

The benefit of this approach are smaller incisions which are  non-invasive, with less pain and a quicker recovery time.

See our Pet Information Sheets for more info

We can also do other laparoscopic procedures such as cryptorchid castrates and liver biopsies.

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Pet Travel

We offer vaccination, testing and documentation (Animal Health Certificates and Export Health Certificates) to allow your pet to travel overseas. 

We advise you check out the latest information on the gov.uk website.

For travel outside Europe please contact the relevant department for the destination country to ascertain the specific requirements.

Please contact us for further information



CHAPPS offers physiotherapy and pilates services for both humans and animals in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent.

Our chartered physiotherapists, Lottie and Jess, are registered with ACPAT, CSP and HCPC. We provide a thorough assessment of your animal's condition and create a personalized treatment plan to optimize their function, movement and well-being.

We treat a variety of conditions and work with your vet throughout the rehabilitation process. CHAPPS is based at Brelades Veterinary Surgeons in Bookham.

Lottie: 07775 332 170
07775 332 194